Investing in your community is about more than just doing what’s right; it’s smart for your business’s future — 和 its bottom line. 在今天的市场, being a good business citizen can give you an edge over competitors while simultaneously making a real difference in the lives of your neighbors.

Business citizenship takes the basic tenets of corporate social responsibility — follow the rules, 不伤害, contribute to social programs 和 grow the economy — to the next level. 做一个好的商业公民意味着慈善, 志愿服务, 社区支持, 和 civic participation are central to the day-to-day operations of your business 和 your employees’ responsibilities.


Yes, your business faces a never-ending list of essentials that includes everything from R&D和新技术在人员配置、培训和利澳彩票福利方面. 添加营销, 一系列的责任保险, 和, 当然, 源源不断的办公用品, 而且运营企业的成本可能会让人难以承受. 有了这些, it’s completely underst和able that business leaders are reluctant to refocus hard-earned resources outside their own operations.


Consumers 和 employees care — 和 judge — businesses on their citizenship practices. 根据 做好,做好 公益营销和可持续性的民意调查, 83 percent of consumers expect businesses to try achieving their business goals while improving society 和 the environment, 和 25 percent of employees would seriously consider leaving their jobs if their employers gave little or no money to charity.

Business citizenship can enhance your overall business strategy by adding opportunities to gain competitive advantages 和 improve relationships with customers, 合作伙伴和利澳彩票. 它还可以推动创新, develop immunity to short-term economic fluctuations 和 strengthen your team.

Here are 10 tactics for building your business citizenship strategy:

1. 把事业和你的商业目标结合起来.

Addressing your community’s needs 和 growing your business don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Look at the issues you 和 your employees care about 和 strategize how you can help while enhancing your work.


When your employees love what they’re doing 和 feel like they’re making a difference, 他们更愿意努力工作,保持忠诚. 除此之外, volunteer work — 和 board service in particular — are great training opportunities to develop leadership 和 networking skills for your team.

3. 在社区委员会服务.

寻找一个符合公司目标或目的的董事会. 你不仅可以帮助你关心的事业或组织, 你们还与其他具有区域影响力的国家建立了牢固的关系, demonstrate your commitment to your community 和 prove your ability to lead.

4. 加入你的商会吧.

商会对你的生意来说是无价的, 提供帮助你成长的工具和资源, 以及消费者研究购买选择的可信度. 除此之外, chambers are a one-stop access point to a variety of networking 和 business contacts, turning active participation into full-fledged civic leadership roles that can help shape the future of the entire community.

5. 建立伙伴关系.

如果你已经在社区委员会或志愿者服务, 建立伙伴关系是一项相对容易的附加工作. 和你建立的关系, 你可以找到其他方式在本地项目上进行合作, which can further exp和 your connections with other local businesses that sell products or ideas complementary to your own.

6. 举办社区会议.

If your business has the space, offer it for free as a gathering place for local community groups. 它不仅帮助那些组织节省成本, it can help you build positive relationships with the members of those groups or clubs, 当他们需要商品和服务时,把你放在第一位. If you really want to make an impact, consider offering your expertise as a guest speaker or mentor.

7. 是civically订婚. 

You don’t have to run for office to be active in your community’s local government. 你可以捐赠, 为当选官员宣传或主办筹款活动, 你最相信的候选人和问题. You can even take it a step further by offering your company’s services pro bono to help support the various projects 和 programs of elected officials you support. Showing your civic support can not only drive the community in ways you care about but can also get you heard amongst those making the decisions in the future.

8. 赞助一个当地的团体、活动或团队. 

无论是一个新的年轻的专业团体, 5公里慈善长跑,甚至是当地的运动队, contributing your business’s dollars to support a cause or activity that enhances the community is an easy 和 effective way to contribute while connecting your business with new 和 targeted audiences. 让你的存在强大而令人难忘, 摆好桌子, 进行特价销售或鼓励利澳彩票自愿参与.

9. 成为当地专家. 

Stay in the know on the happenings in your community — follow local news, 阅读利澳彩票网, subscribe to e-newsletters by local organizations 和 participate in social media. 更好的是, 为当地媒体写文章, 经营自己的利澳彩票网,活跃在社交平台上. 不仅能展示你的专业知识, you’ll also become a go-to ambassador for your community 和 a company people will turn to when they need help.

10. 当地商店.

One of the single best ways to be a good business citizen is to offer your financial loyalty to the other businesses in your community. 你也可以参与其中, promote or even organize events that encourage others to do their part in stimulating the local economy 和 maintaining a vibrant business community.

Remember, being a good business citizen does not mean being 100-percent altruistic. 毕竟, 你要对自己负责, 你的家人, your employees 和 even the community to be a sustainable 和 profitable business that contributes to the economy. 然而,, adding a thoughtful citizenship strategy to your business plan can provide essential philanthropic 和 leadership support to nonprofit 和 community organizations 和 programs, 以及帮助你实现整体的商业目标.

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