Media and Production Trends for Social Distance 市场营销

Look, at least for now, everything has changed. This includes how audiences are engaging with media and marketing—and how organizations are creating new content for engaging them.

Working on our own clients’ strategies, we’ve seen a number of opportunities for you to connect with audiences without breaking social distancing guidelines.

Video Content

When social distancing is keeping us all apart, traditional video shoots are on an indefinite pause. Instead, two trends we’re seeing success with include:

Increase in B-roll and stock footage usage.

Many companies are turning to existing libraries of B-roll and stock imagery to keep the creative coming. We’ve worked with a number of clients to use previously shot footage and edit in new, 新方法, ensuring the look and messaging aligns with the current environment.

How you can do this:

  • Use existing long form videos, or even 30-second spots, to create short 15-second or 6-second storytelling for digital platforms.
  • Update scripts and add new voiceovers to existing video footage.
  • Update existing spots with new graphics focused on priority services during the coronavirus crisis. 例如, pushing online programs for educators or telehealth services for healthcare organizations.

Increase in animated motion graphics.

Using simple, engaging animated graphics and storytelling that fits the current collective mood, motion graphic videos can be a highly successful tool for connecting with at-home audiences.

Media Placements

With audiences staying home, the normal media usage expectations are shifting. Changes we’ve seen for reaching audiences today include

Less Demand:

  • Out-of-利澳彩票 advertising
  • Subscription radio
  • Mobile (people are actually using their computers more for a more pleasant experience vs. their phone since they are stuck at home)
  • 搜索 (costs per click remain steady, but we are seeing fewer conversions across industries)

More Demand:

  • Connected TV
  • Streaming video and audio
  • Traditional TV
  • 广播
  • Social media
  • Local news (print and online)

广播 in particular is trending up with 29 percent of users reporting using it more since the outbreak and 36 percent using it to stay up to date about cases (according to swellshark and Innovid). Additionally, the largest share of smart speaker listening is AM/FM radio; currently DOUBLE that of Pandora, and 60 percent more than Amazon Music.

Now is also a good time to run unique reach social media campaigns if you need to get the word out. Recently, organic social reach has been almost nonexistent. With changes to platforms, posts don’t even reach 10 percent of your own follower base. Now is a time to be boosting important updates. However, the updates must be genuine to the current collective experience. Now is the not the time to get shortsighted and overly salesy. People are scared, lead with empathy.

By Heather Smith, Manager of Media and Production

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