Out of Office: Collaboration from remote workplaces

In this second part of our “Out of Office” series on engaging your team while social distancing, we look at collaboration.

What steps can you take to ensuring your teams are working not only together but seamlessly when separated?

Be clear about goals.

Ensure managers set and monitor expectations for all employees. This is especially important when teams become remote. Complete, clear, and mutually-agreed-upon marching orders give the remote worker focus and motivation.

Use those channels.

Leaders should model the usage they want to see. If they aren’t using the tools or sticking to the agreed upon usage plan, their employees won’t either.

Embrace chat programs.

Tools like Slack, Hangouts, and many others allow for quick, engaging ways for employees and teams to keep in touch. From project team channels that allow for real-time discussion and idea sharing, to all-team channels that allow for general updates, group discussions, and even meme sharing, these tools are invaluable for quick collaboration and culture building.

Check in frequently.

For leaders this means staying in the loop with their team at all times and ensure clear availability for team members to ask questions or provide feedback.

For your team, this means maintaining consistent check ins for project teams, as well as with customers.

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