Positioning construction as a pandemic-proof career pathway.

How do you pivot recruitment when your initiative expands from a career pathway program to a key feeder for an essential service industry serving Californians in a pandemic?

AGC Build California Case Study Image
AGC Build California Case Study Image
AGC Build California Case Study Image
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Being tasked with advocating for and ensuring the future of California’s construction industry is challenging work in the best of times.

When California’s COVID-19 stay-at-home orders virtually shut down the state’s economy in March 2020, the Associated General Contractors of California (AGC) not only had to find a way to keep their efforts going, they also had to navigate the realities of what being an “essential service” in a pandemic meant for the industry, ACG的成员, and their workers.



Establish a roadmap.

01. 快速行动.
When everything is changing quickly, being able to stay 参与d with what’s happening was essential to demonstrating AGC’s relevancy and leadership position for the industry.

02. Position for the future.
With most people focused on the present crisis, AGC and Build California had an opportunity to become a beacon of hope for current and future workers in the building trades. By creating messaging looking beyond the pandemic to the “new normal” and the opportunities it would create long-term for those in the building trades, Build California could reinvigorate an industry that had become less appealing to up-and-coming generations.


Focus on future-proof careers.

All content created for Build California highlighted the careers, 雇主, and opportunities best positioned to demonstrate how the construction industry not only survived but thrived throughout the pandemic.


Deliver valuable content and resources.

We pivoted our original content and social media strategies to communicate the benefits of a career in construction and provide useful updates on state COVID-19 mandates, educational resources, and event promotion tools for both the industry and general public audiences.


Nimble communications.

3fold and AGC developed a nimble communications system to keep Build California on track to meet its objectives. This included processes for consistent information sharing and fast-paced feedback, as well as quick-turn content development, 交付, and testing for both internal and external audiences.


We were able to meet the changing needs of AGC’s existing audiences, as well as 参与 a new audience of educators and parents looking for ways to 参与 students from home.


The Associated General Contractors of California (AGC) is tasked with ensuring California’s construction industry continues to meet the state’s building needs now and in the future.

As part of their efforts, AGC’s Build California initiative aims to attract up-and-coming workers to careers in the building trades. By connecting with youth and their parents and activating employer partners throughout the state to highlight the variety of career opportunities available, Build California hopes to inspire, 参与, and activate the next generation of California’s construction workforce.

3fold has been a proud partner with Associated General Contractors since 2019.


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