Aligning a ‘Promise’ Among Four Student-Centered Colleges

In 2019, the Los Rios Community College Direct launched the “Los Rios Promise” program, offering full-time students two years of tuition-free education at any of their four regional colleges. In order to make sure students could benefit, however, they first had to know about the program. But how do you create a unique brand that both drives enrollment to the colleges without stepping on their own branding?

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The Challenge

The “Los Rios Promise” program offered full-time students two years of tuition-free education at any of their regional colleges. Because the program was both new and like nothing students had experienced in the past, creating a memorable and informative brand was essential.

Los Rios know, in order to connect with students and parents, the brand’s 消息传递, and that of all four district schools – American River College, Cosumnes River College, Folsom Lake College, and Sacramento City College – had to align.

We needed to create a brand, 消息传递, and visual package that both incorporated each school’s unique personality and programs while also driving a single, district-wide goal.

Our approach

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Weaving a visual narrative between brands to create a new one.

In order to create a cohesive look and feel for the Los Rios Promise program, we started with the branding foundations of the district and each school in it.

With these brand guidelines and existing communications elements in one place, our team identified key features of each brand, as well as the repeated elements each one shared. With this branding map setting the foundation, we were able to create the look and feel of the new program.

从那里, we looked at the demographics and behaviors of target student and parent audiences for each school. This allowed us to create a package of outreach and marketing materials customized for each audience, media channel, and community activation.


Translating materials by language, for culture, and in context.

Ensuring materials were multilingual was also key to launching the Los Rios Promise brand.

3fold identified and partnered with a local educational agency that specialized in translations with cultural competency. This led to materials that were not only translated into Spanish but were also translated appropriately for equity, accessibility, and cultural context.

About Los Rios Community College District

The Los Rios Community College District (LRCCD) is one of the nation’s most respected learning institutions and the second-largest community college district in California. LRCCD serves more than 75,000 students each year across five counties in the Sacramento region.

LRCCD is made up of four colleges, including Sacramento City College, Folsom Lake College, Cosumnes River College and American River College, as well as six education centers, and specialized workforce and economic development programs for local businesses, governments, and organizations.

3fold has been a proud partner with LRCCD since 2010.


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